Brainy Video Games

Many people claim that video games are nothing but bad forms of diversion. True, there are those games where players just have to kill enemies or conquer virtual kingdoms. However, today, there are a lot of video games that have been developed to educate as well as entertain.

These educational video games involve a lot of skill on logic and reasoning. They also usually require complex and challenging problem solving which you are sure to take with you long after you have walked away from your computer.

A good example would be Tetris. It is a very simple game yet it requires some degree of quick thinking and analysis in assessing how to strategically use and place the pieces dropping. Add that to the increasing speed and that the pile of blocks grows and grows each time you make a mistake. It would be a good game to play to improve your mental skills and capabilities through the fast spatial analysis exercises it gives.

There are also the memory games. If you have ever spent a valuable 20 minutes rummaging through your stuff to find your keys or have stood on the parking lot as you try to remember where you parked? Then you might benefit from playing memory video games. Studies have shown that memory is actually not a function of IQ. It is actually a skill or an ability to organize the information that are in your brain, which are then retrieved through a series of various memory-triggers.

And of course, there are strategy games that involve running a city, conquering the world, shaping an empire and a lot more. These games require business skills like managing resources efficiently, setting goals and motivating people.