Video Games Affecting Children Negatively

Previous studies that have been published that clearly show how violent video games that children play can affect them in a negative manner. In fact, since the turn of the new millennium there have been several studies completed on this issue and the results have all been the same as shown in such issues as the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

One such study even went into such detail as to prove that the more graphic the violence in the video games, then the higher the chance of the thoughts and behavior of the child being aggressive. This aggressive behavior was found not only to be found during game play, but it surfaced into more long-term behavior problems for the child where there was a real life impact left on relationships with others due to the aggressiveness of the child.

No matter what type of video game the child is playing, they become the main character within the game or as some psychologists refer to it as the “first person.” In the majority of these video games the main character will be the aggressor and thus, the child sees the video game world through the eyes of the character and takes on their personality. Many of these children are in a pretend world of their own when ever they are playing these video games, but the problem comes when they are allowed to be so aggressive within the video games that they do not comprehend pretend and real life.

The worst effects is that the video games places weapons within the hands of the children to enlighten the impact that the character has when ever attempting to destroy his enemy. This only causes the child to become that much more emotionally involved within the video game and the character. The child begins to enjoy destroying the bad guys as the video game becomes more and more addictive to them.

Research studies have shown that as a negative result, the child begins developing behavior that is considered to be some what violent and aggressive by experts. The behavior of the child will continue to deteriorate as they begin assuming within their own little heads that others have similar thoughts as they do, which focus around violence and aggression. The studies also showed that the video games that the children were playing that were violent were a way of programming the violent behaviors within the children over and over again. The result made the aggressive behavior easier to show up in real life unexpectedly.

Other research studies have demonstrated that video games with violent content teach juveniles an unmoral disregard for the value of others, their property rights, and the lives of others as well. They teach the children to see the world as if every one is out to get me, which places them on the defensive and makes them react violent due to feeling unsafe. These addictive video games teaches the children to fight with knives and guns against others in extremely aggressive manners while receiving positive reinforcement from the game for each kill. The kills themselves are explicit with blood, gore, and mayhem such as exploding body parts that also stimulates the child’s brain.